Building an email list

A lot of list builders take the same fundamental actions of setting up a lead page, hanging an appealing lead magnet, and setting up an autoresponder series. They sit back and wait for the huge bucks to roll in. But building an email list can be a little bit more complicated.

And they wait and they wait and they wait.

Doing the exact same thing as everybody else – even if they’re prospering – is going to end up making you feel like a hamster running on a wheel. You’re going to use up an entire lot of effort, but you’re not going anywhere fast.

Fortunately a lot of list builders are making the exact same set of mistakes that’s damaging their bottom line. You may be making these mistakes too if you’re currently working on growing a list. And if you’re still in the planning stages, then you’ll certainly want to check out this guide so you can save yourself money and time by discovering how to acknowledge and avoid these costly mistakes.

Take a look at some of the biggest mistakes while building an email list …

Believing your audience thinks like you

A lot of online marketers believe their prospects are much like them. This is typically the case because the person building an email list is a part of the target market. Hence they assume they’re part of the exact same specific section as their audience. This usually ends up being an expensive error.

Some individuals simply hate video, while others absolutely enjoy it and choose it above all other formats. Now you expect you have an audience that loves video, which suggests you ought to be posting videos on your platforms to generate traffic. Also putting videos on your lead page to convert traffic, and selling video items to develop some income.

What if you’re wrong? If your audience is divided into 30% of those who like videos and 70% of those who don’t, you’re loosing 70% of your possible revenue.



What if you personally do not like videos, so you don’t do any of that?

Yep, you guessed it: you’re going to leave a lots of cash on the table.

Now that’s simply an example, but there is an almost unlimited number of ways you can shoot yourself in the foot just by thinking you are your audience. Thinking that they think like you, that like the exact same things as you. And that they do not like the very same things as you and so on.

A lot of sideways are possible here.

Let me offer you a couple more examples

Because you personally would never buy anything over $X, you do not produce or promote high-ticket products in your niche.

You don’t send an e-mail more than once per week because you personally don’t like getting more than one email weekly.

Get the point?

What you need to do is research your audience and survey them to learn what they like. You must know what they think, and how they feel about different things related to your newsletter, your business, your products and your niche. Then reserve your own sensations about these items, and provide what your audience wants, not what you personally desire.

Here’s the next error …

Playing the Copycat Game

Part of delivering what your audience wants is determining what they’re already taking in and purchasing, and then serve them up more of the same.

But heads up …

This does not mean you should be a copycat. This isn’t about cloning popular lead magnets or paid products. Not just is that prohibited, but it’s not going to get you the results you desire.

If you want to enjoy success in your specific niche, then you must set yourself apart from your rivals. You absolutely need to create FRESH lead magnets that impress the heck out of your prospects.

Let’s state you’re developing a report on weight loss. This is a very popular niche, so… Your audience have seen a bazillion weight loss reports out there, right? That’s because it’s a popular topic. You need to discover a way to set your report apart from the crowd. One method to do that is by creating and naming a diet.

For instance, there are lots of reports called something along the lines of “How to Lose Weight” or “The Secrets of Fat Loss.” Imagine if you set yourself apart by calling a diet yourself, such as “The [Your Name] Approach for Fat Loss.” The distinct diet would have prospects gathering to your lead page to download your report. And if your approach was genuinely unique in some way, then you’d further set yourself apart and seal your credibility as a thought leader in your niche.

End result? Your list would quickly grow like crazy, due to the fact that everybody will wish to download and attempt this fresh, special dieting approach.



Here’s the next mistake that will sink you …

Valuing Quantity over Quality

You’re going to quickly recognize you must produce a LOT of content when you get into this entire list structure and marketing thing. You’ll use this material to:

  • Generate traffic (SEO, visitor blogging, social media marketing, and so on).
  • Attract leads (lead magnets, blog site material, and so on).
  • Transform traffic (lead pages, case studies, emails, and relationship-building material).
  • Earn money (paid infoproducts such as reports, subscriptions, courses, etc).

What typically takes place is that an online marketer begins crafting really premium material. But within months the quality drops due to the fact that they have so much material to develop. Unexpectedly, they find themselves focusing on amount rather than quality – and that’s when things start to fall apart quickly.

Listen carefully …

It’s far better to create fewer pieces of high-quality content and top quality material than to sacrifice quality in the name of publishing as much content as possible. A lot of your prospects impressions of you and your service are going to be formed when they face a piece of your material online. And if that content is low quality, you can bet that many are not going to be in a big hurry to join your list or look for any more of your material. Rather, they’ll click far from your content and never return.

Point is, you need to find methods to accelerate content production without sacrificing quality. You can outsource, you can utilize speech-to-text technology to make composing the content much faster. You can even start using top quality PLR content. Just be sure that every piece you publish is top quality and something you’re proud to attach your name to.

Next …

Doing what’s fun rather than what’s effective

Think and take a moment of all the things you require to do in the next 6 months in order to develop a huge, lucrative newsletter. There need to be a great deal of products on that order of business if you’re aiming for success. And reality is, not every item is something you’re going to take pleasure in doing.

Where a lot of marketers make a mistake is by focusing on doing what’s enjoyable, even if those fun things aren’t really effective or aren’t particularly essential. It’s enjoyable, yes … but their service is growing at a snail’s speed, if at all.

Yes, growing your email list IS fun. But that does not mean each and every single moment of your work day is going to fill you with pleasure. Possibly you really do not like social media that much – but if you really want to grow your list, you’re going to need to do some social media marketing and engagement.

That’s just one example. The point is, you need to get the work done, even if you dread it. That doesn’t imply you need to do it yourself. You can outsource almost any job, which’s a good choice when you find yourself procrastinating on specific jobs.

Trying to figure everything out yourself when building an email list

In just about every other part of your life, you most likely save yourself time and money by following in the footsteps of experts. And sure, you add your own twists to dishes, but you don’t totally transform the wheel every time you want to make supper, do you?

Very same goes for building an email list. If you wish to expedite the way to your success and get excellent outcomes, then you definitely need to follow in the steps of professionals. And yes, you can and ought to include your own distinct twists to the process. Because you’re just losing your time if you attempt to totally find out or transform the wheel with trial and error.

Which’s why I recommend that all email list builders pick up Simon Hodgkinson’s and Jeremy Gislason’s new course, called One to Ten. It teaches you how to get your first 1000 subscribers, and after that how to scale as much as 10X the size of your list and earnings.

One To Ten: Building an email list

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