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May 17, 2024 | Reviews Reviewed - Build an online business for free
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Having a system for business at no charge?

There is no escaping the fact that if you want to build an online business, you’re going to need some specific tools… which means that you’ll need to cough up money to pay for a page builder, pay for email marketing software and so on and on.

Until recently, there was literally no way for a beginner to build a business online with $0 – not unless you really want to do it all manualy…

But has changed all that. Asking yourself if it’s ‘worth your money’ is actually the wrong question – because the free plan is outstanding.

At a glance, these are the features included in the free plan:

  • Email Autoresponder
  • A/B testing
  • Data & analytics
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Courses
  • Sales funnels
  • Order bumps
  • 1-click upsells
  • Coupon codes
  • Automation rules
  • Workflows & tags
  • Blogging platform
  • Communities
  • Assistant accounts
  • Affiliate management system
  • Membership site builder

Here’s a summary from the official page: Review - Plans and pricing

Can you build an online business with $0?

As it turns out, wiith, now you actually can!

I was blown away to see how much they were giving away for nothing. Unlike 99% of free trials online, Systeme’s free plan is free forever, no time limitations.

Any competent beginner can leverage to build an online business from scratch paying next to nothing! Competent, in this context, means you know a little something about computers, internet and marketing. As I usually say, the best way to start a lucrative online business is to get a competent affiliate marketing mentor.

It’s almost unbelievable. You only need to upgrade when you’ve hit your limits on the free plan. But by then, you’ll be in profit (if you do it right) and will easily be able to afford that subscription.

Now let’s look at something even more important…

There are several factors that most experienced marketers consider when purchasing software online. Some of these are:

  • Price
  • Alignment with your abbilities
  • Features/benefits
  • Support
  • Scalability
  • Customization/Flexibility
  • Integrations

To review fairly, we’ll need to assess it based on the factors above.

Let’s get reviewed, point by point!

Price: free plan is outstanding!

The image below will show you exactly what you’re getting just for signing up, no money needed. You don’t even need a credit card, and as mentioned earlier… it’s free forever, without any time limitations. Review - Build an online business for free

You may think, wait, there’s only one or few of the “main features” (funnels, courses, blogs…) available. Here’s the truth.

You only need ONE SUCCESSFUL FUNNEL to start making profits.

Many people I know (me included… 😑) started like there’s no tomorrow – buying expensive tools, trying to build many funnels, and so on. The truth is that it just does not work. Your attention, already being troubled by the very fact that you’re starting something, gets totally confused. The end result is achieving nothing worth mentioning, except if spending money is your thing.

Especially in the beginning, focusing on one offer (whatever it is) is the right way to go. You can invest much more time and learn as you go, which maes it much much easier later on when you start your #2 funnel or offer.

Anyway… The astute marketer will realize that this benefit alone is enough for them to sign up with because there’s simply nothing to lose.

As we’ve already established, you can get on the free plan – so price isn’t an issue.

If you wish to get more features and higher limits, you can always choose to upgrade to the Startup plan ($27) a month or even higher.

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Budget friendly is far more budget-friendly than tools like ClickFunnels ($97/month) or Kartra ($99/month).

You’ll see many marketers recommending ClickFunnels, and for some strange reason, it has almost reached cult-like status…
But the hard truth is that this platform gets mentioned the most because the marketers recommending it are affiliates for ClickFunnels. There’s a vested interest here. Still, I believe Russel Brunson to be some sort of a genius. If you wish, you can take a look at his free ebook, called Dot Com Secrets.

The best funnel builder, in my opinion, is still Convertri. I have to be honest here – compared to or ClickFunnels, it’s a bit limited, because it is only a funnel builder – it supports memberships, but no email marketing. I might just like it because I’m used to it. But there’s a fact that made me choose it years ago: the pages and funnels built on Convertri platform are the fastest you can find, and without exceptions. It is very important today, because of extremely short interest span. If you’re interested, they also offer a trial membership, so go ahead and try Convertri.

Most beginner marketers, however, are usually on a tight budget. They balk at having to fork out $97 a month when they’re not making a cent. Since it takes time for a business to gain traction, they may have spent hundreds of dollar before even making their first sale!

As a beginner, you are definitely better off with when you set off to build an online business. It has all the tools you’ll need to build the foundations of a thriving online business, and you can do it all for free.

Alignment with your abbilities: is User Friendly was designed with the beginner in mind. The tools included are easy and almost intuitive to use. While there is a learning curve, it’s a short one, and there are many training videos available in their support center for every step of the way.

The drag-and-drop page builder and pre-made blocks will put your page creation process on steroids and leave nothing to chance. You can be as creative as you wish, although I would suggest simpler things at the beginning. They usually work better, you know.

If you go through Systeme’s free certification course, you’ll understand exactly how the platform works. In 2-3 days, you’ll be able to use it like a pro.

Here’s how I started to build a test funnel, prior to including my own domain data.

Systeme-io Reviewed - Funnel Builder

Integrations: Seamless, convenient integrations

The beauty of Systeme is that it’s an all-in-one platform. Well, it’s also one of the downsides, which you can read about later on in this post.

The old school way of marketing will be to get a page builder… learn how to use it… build your pages…

Then sign up for an autoresponder… learn how to use that… then tear your hair out figuring how to integrate the two different tools… and so on.

It’s a tech nightmare!

The tech setup and struggles are what hold most beginners back. The good news is that since everything is on, with just a few clicks, you can:

  • Integrate your landing pages with your autoresponder.
  • Your buy buttons can be integrated with PayPal or Stripe.
  • Your files can be delivered to your customers with full automation
  • And much more!

It’s so easy that you’ll be amazed at how fast you set it all up. This will give you more time to focus on your marketing rather than running amok in fiery, tech hellscape.

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Features/benefits: offers essential business features

To build an online business, you’ll need to sell products, build a list and so on. The fundamentals must be in place if you want to succeed.

Most beginner and intermediate marketers will realize that has it all.

In fact, many experienced marketers are ditching the more expensive platforms for Systeme.

Here are just some of the things you can do on’s free plan:

  • Sell information products and online courses
  • Build beautiful, high-converting sales pages
  • Design and implement sales funnels
  • Boost sales with upsells and order bumps
  • Conduct A/B split testing for optimization
  • Process payments using PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, etc.
  • Offer coupons to give discounts
  • Cultivate leads through various strategies
  • Execute email marketing campaigns
  • Establish and manage an affiliate program
  • Build a blog for content marketing
  • Operate membership sites for recurring income
  • And much more Review - Free plan

Yes, practically everything you need to build a business online is already there, right in the FREE plan.

Scalability: Systeme grows with you (scalable)

As your business grows and you’re raking in the profits, your list of email subscribers will grow, you may need more funnels than what the free plan gives you an so on.

Once you’re hitting your limit, you can easily upgrade your plan. This makes very scalable. You won’t have to ‘move house’ just because the tool can’t keep up with you. will be there for you when you’re a newbie with $0… and it’ll be there for you when you’re making six figures. It’s that good. helps you build your online presence

This feature really impressed me. You can even build a respectable looking blog on the free plan!

The best part of it all is that you won’t need to deal with WordPress and plugins and all the other hassles that come with creating a blog. Systeme’s method of blog creation is very neat, organized, and simple, so you don’t need to set up a separate blog. You can do it all on Systeme and it shortens your time to success dramatically. is here to stay

There are many cheap tools and software solutions sold by fly-by-night vendors. They’re here today and gone tomorrow. I’ve had my share of those, like Funnelvio, for instance. It was a good funnel builder, but the vendors somehow decided to move on another path, changing it into something I did not need and I still don’t.

The tools are sometimes not supported anymore and break down after a while. Support is non-existent because the vendor has run off to profit from his next short-lived venture… and you’ll be left stranded. When something like that happens, hopefuly you have some sort of backups at hand, otherwise soooo many hours get lost. Even worse, when Google finds out your sales pages are unavailable, there goes the SEO juice also. And getting it back is a whole other story, believe me. is here to stay. If you did a quick search on Google Trends, you’d see that is actually skyrocketing in popularity in the recent years. Review - Popularity

That’s all the proof you need that this platform is reputable and delivers what it says on the tin. Investing in it shouldn’t be a problem, especially if it’s FREE. Support: 24/7 email support & awesome Facebook group

The support team at Systeme is phenomenal. In fact, the founder of even posted this on his Facebook page… Review - Creator

And he’s right. They’re fast and will do whatever they can to solve any issues you may have with the platform. Seriously, an average response time of 55 minutes is rather crazy and hard to get these days.

There’s also a Facebook group that is a thriving community. They’re always sharing their wins and tips about how to get the best out of the platform. The group is free to join… so do join it.

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Setting up a custom domain with

By default, when you join on a free plan (or any other plan), your business will run off a domain that suits the data you have saved. In my case, it’s Reviewed - Custom Domains

It’s perfectly ok for the start, but what you really want, when starting to build an online business, is having your funnels on your own domain. Like, sending people to or sounds completely different than, doesn’t it?

It’s also important for the sake of SEO, because this way, you’re leading all the SEO juice to your own domain.

Setting up a custom domain inside is easy, but it does include some DNS fiddling. If you’re not familiar with that, any tech guy can help you, or you just dive into the trainings on and learn something new. Reviewed - Custom Domains

Disadvantages of

No tool is absolutely perfect and neither is It has certain limitations, but overall, I think it’s still an awesome tool. Here are two possibly troublesome things that might turn you off.

A Jack of all trades… but a master of none.

One downside to is that it’s a generalist.

So what does that even mean?

It means that while it’s an all-in-one platform that gives you a ton of features, each feature has its limitations. It doesn’t specialize in any one feature, like Convertri does as a funnel builder, or Aweber as an autoresponder.

For example, the drag-and-drop page builder in is great and you can create high-converting sales pages with it… BUT… if you compared it to a tool like OptimizePress 3.0 (OP3), it pales in comparison.

OptimizePress has far more advanced page building features.

But this is understandable because that’s what the tool focuses on. You can build gorgeous pages with OP3 but you can’t do email marketing with it. With, you can do both… though your pages won’t look as fantastic as they would with OP3.

Similarly, while has a built-in autoresponder… the tool is nowhere as advanced as popular autoresponders such as ConvertKit or Aweber which has a lot more segmentation and automation features and so on.

That said, Aweber allows you to send emails and even buid landing pages… but you can’t build a blog on it.

Once again, with Systeme, you can do both.

Then, pages and funnels are not the fastest one around, which without a doubt I can say for Convertri. But, again, Convertri cannot send emails. Period.

Do you see where I’m going with this? is like a Swiss Army Knife of marketing tools. You can still do a lot with it and easily build a business up to six figures – but if you want more comprehensive or advanced features you’ll have to pay a lot more for ‘specialized’ software.
Once you’re in profit, you can decide if you wish to use other tools.

But if you’re a beginner or your business is below six figures a year, it’s much more cost effective to use

With, all your eggs are in one basket

Since you’ll be using all the different tools in Systeme for your marketing, if the platform goes down, your business will be brought to a standstill in a blink of an eye. A scary thought, isn’t it?

However, the same applies for any other all-in-one platform such as Convertri, ClickFunnels, Kartra, Aweber, LeadsLeap, etc.

The good news is that Systeme is highly reliable and hardly ever down. So there’s nothing to worry unduly about, but I still recommend backups whenever you change something.

One point to note is that if you’re building a blog on, you’ll need to keep being a member of it for your blog to stay up. Even if you’re a free member, it’s fine… but if you wish to move your entire blog to a new host, it can be a hassle and you’ll need to contact Systeme’s support team to get it sorted out.

In the end, it boils down to a compromise where you’re trading “independence” for practicality and ease of use. You’ll have to decide for yourself which way to go.

Despite all these limitations, is still the best choice for most beginner marketers who are on a tight budget or struggle with the usual tech headaches common with most other tools. is affordable, easy and fast. Period.

So… what now?

The answer is obvious. With all the benefits and features available on, you’ll definitely want to try it out. It’s a no-brainer because there’s zero risk for you.

Sign up for the free plan and give it a spin. We’re betting that you love the platform and never look back.

Never has there been an easier and almost free way to build a business online.

What you may wish to pay is about $10 or so to buy your own domain name from Namecheap so you could add it as a custom domain. If you already have a domain with an email address, you could add just add that. It simply looks much more professional and gives your chances to get sales a significant boost.

Imagine having an opt-in funnel, a list of subscribers, sales pages for your products and much more while paying $0 a month!
That’s exactly what you’ll get with It doesn’t get any better than this.

Get your free account and start building your online business empire today – quickly, inexpensively and effortlessly.

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