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Apr 18, 2024 | Reviews

Blogi Review
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

I have reviewed AI builders, writers and rewriters in the past, the last one I have bought was NeuraRephraser (see the review here). I’ve also bought auto-blogging plugins without AI functionalities in the past, and some of them I still use on my niche sites. But this week, I’ve purchased Blogi autoblogger, and I’m happy to report it works as advertised. So this short Blogi review is about how to build auto growing niche sites with AI, and doing it all the easy way.

But first, let’s shortly discuss why it is important.

What are niche sites and would you want to build them?

Niche sites are basically exactly what the name says: websites that concentrate on a specific niche. The most popular top niches online are

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Reationships

Of course, each one of those has a number of sub-niches available, and as a general rule, the more specific your niche is, the better. For instance, you can choose wealth as your main niche, then drill down to earning using email marketing, and focus on building a list of subscribers. Why is this the right way?

What is the advantage of narrow niches?

There are more or less three main points to look after when you’re choosing a niche.

First, how big is it in the terms of popularity – the sheer number of people interested. Each one of the three niches mentioned have very wide base of interested people around the world, and choosing either would give you a huge audience for your posts and offers.

Second, how many people are selling in the chosen niche. Well – the broader the niche, the more people are already using it. Simple.

And finally, how hard it is to compete with others. Again, the broader the niche, the harder the competition.

To sum it up, having hundreds of millions of people interested in the niche, but having also millions of cometitors is nowhere near what you wish for. It can get just too expensive to compete, and there’s a good chance you’d run out of budget before making any sales at all.

On the other hand, if you choose a good subniche, you might end up having far less audience, but also far less competition. Combine this with focusing on long tail keywords, maybe using “how to build an email list with aweber” instead of just “email list”, and you might just have a winner. There will be far less people searching for the long keyword, but they will be more motivated to buy products related to it. See the point?

Another example would be writing about yoga and narrowing it down to a very specific style (I know nothing about yoga, so I will omit examples here) instead of just writing about yoga in general.

It is equaly true for any given niche and topic you can think of. The more specific you become in your writing, the more highly interested buyers you can drive to your offer pages. And what’s very important for any marketing, the lower your costs will be per buyer, no matter which method of driving traffic you plan to use.

Building a niche site can be very hard

For one, you have to know a little bit about what you’re writing about. If you know nothing about yoga, like me, how can you plan to write 2-3 posts every week that would be interesting to your audience?

And if you purchase some PLR (Private Label Rights) materials, you must be aware that it will be used on many sites, not just yours. So how would you create good, unique content from the same content thousand will have?

One solution is to create your own content. This is by far the best and most appreciated way in terms of search engines. But it has serious limitations – you have to know a lot about the topic, you have to invest lots of time to create content, and so on. Plus, you probably don’t have enough expertise in many topics to create many such sites, but can probably create only a few before you loose your mind writing all day long.

The other solution is – sure enough – to use AI writers or rewriters. With it, you can use existing content (yours or PLR) to create new content. But, Google is smart enough to know it’s been created by AI, and the latest Google’s crackdown on AI-generated content is all about that. So you might have lots of content, but since Google won’t rank it, nobody will ever see it. You’ve got yourself a flop.

Using AI to create content

There are many AI engines available nowadays, besides ChatGPT. They use different engines, different mind if you want, and create different content. One thing Google takes care about is how useful your content is for potential visitors, and this is all you should care about.

One way to go about is checking every AI-generated piece of content before publishing. Which is anyway recommended, just to be clear. This can take lots of time, of course, and you’ll soon find yourself rewriting articles almost as if you’ve started from scratch.

The other way is to use multiple AI engines to create every piece of content. Now, this one is interesting; imagine having one engine asking another engine soem questions – what’s the outcome? Surely better and more sofisticated than when using a single engine, right? True. And this is exactly what Blogi autoblogger does.

Why would you even want to build auto growing niche sites?

You are probably reading this because you’re interested in making money online, right? Well, building a network of niche websites gives you a real opportunity to do exactly that.

When you build auto growing niche sites, you can monetize each and every one of them in various ways. These include Adsense, the Google’s ad network, as well as specific ads you include yourself and lead people to your own affiliate offers. Amazon network is also easily usable as an affiliate network to advertise.

By using various types of monetization throughout your niche sites, you can steadily build and grow your earning potential. And this is what Blogi is all about and what this Blogi review is trying to show you.

Blogi Review: What is Blogi?

Blogi is a SAAS system, created by TeknikForce (Cyril Gupta). The main target of Blogi is to enable auto blogging, meaning having an engine that writes blog posts for you automatically.

Blogi uses several AI engines to create articles from any keywords and for any topic you wish. I know this sounds a bit sci fi, but it works using their specific algorithms. The resulting texts can be as broad or as narrow as you wish. What’s most important is the fact that the articles created this way seem to satisfy Google, which in turn means your articles WILL appear when people search online and the blogs created this way will rank for chosen keywords.

Nobody knows when Google is about to change their algorithms again, but for now this is true and it works. So the best time to use it is right now.

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Build Auto Growing Niche Sites With Blogi

As already mentioned, the main target of Blogi is to save time and make the process of building auto growing niche sites as automatic as possible.

So what you actually have to do are three main steps, after choosing your niche, of course: creating your niche site, connect it to Blogi automation engine, and set up Blogi with your target keywords and topics.

Creating your niche site

This is a general step you cannot really skip. You’ll have to create a niche site, which means buy a hosting package and install WordPress with your prefered WordPress theme and essential plugins. It’s not such a big deal, and you can read a little more about creating a website with WordPress here.

It will cost you something, but not really a lot – a few bucks for a domain name ($10 – $20, depending on your choice) and a few bucks for hosting (anywhere from $30 – $100). You’ll have to pay these every year. WordPress is free, and your choice of a good WordPress theme is again depending on you – it can be free or cost you something. Divi, for instance, which is one of the best allround WordPress themes, costs around $100/year or $250 one-time. You can use it on unlimited websites, though, so this would be a one-time cost.

Connect your website to Blogi

This one is easy. Inside Blogi, it all runs based on campaigns – you can create different campaigns, using different keywords and topics, and specifying which website you want to use for each of them.

Of course, you’ll have to buy Blogi – which will cost you $24 and up, depending on what options you want.

Set up Blogi campaigns

Here, you’ll define exactly what you want your blog to talk about. You will define your target keywords, topic, choose the way Blogi uses images, and everything else. You can also define how many posts you want created per day, week, or month.

This is a one-time work (unless you change campaign settings later, of course) and as soon as you save your campaign, Blogi will go to work. At this time, you can sit back and watch your blog growing.

Blogi Review: Features

Blogi uses multiple AI engines when creating your posts, assuring that the content created is approved and loved by Google. These AI engines are

  • Open AI GPT 4
  • OpenAI GPT 3.5
  • Claude 2
  • Claude Instant
  • Mosaic MPT 7B
  • Mosaic MPT 30B
  • Llama 2 70B
  • Palm BiSoN
  • Claude 3 Sonnet
  • Claude 3 Opus
  • and more.
Creating Auto Growing Niche Sites - Blogi Review

I don’t blame you if you’ve never heard about some of them, because I haven’t also. Frankly, I don’t care much, because my main objective is the result of Blogi’s engine itself. Blogi can run on full autopilot. Just give it topics and keywords and it’ll automatically churn out fresh articles as often as you want on complete autopilot. The special AI guidance algorithm keeps the articles always fresh and relevant.

Creating articles in any language

Blogi can create articles in any language you want. Choose between all the languages that your favorite AI supports including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, German and dozens more.

Select any website and automatically re-write their articles in the language of your choice.

Blogi Languages - - Blogi Review

Automatically Post Articles On Your Schedule

Automation would not be automation without some kind of scheduling, of course, and Blogi has it covered.

How often do you want to update your blog? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Daily? Choose your schedule, Blogi can handle it with its powerful CRON engine.

Blogi Review - Scheduler

Create SEO Optimized Blog Articles Automatically

Blogi AI Writer actually does all the work for you. That includes perfectly optimizing your articles. It generates the perfect Headlines, Keywords, Meta Description, Categories, Tags & Slug for your article.

  • Full SEO optimization done on autopilot.
  • Writes the article. Does the SEO and posts it to your blog. 100% automatic.
  • No need to be a SEO expert. Let Blogi handle it!
Blogi Review - Create SEO optimized articles

Full Control Over Style, Tone, Voice & Personality

With just the basic AI rewriting, your articles would be little more than just plain, unengaging text. Blogi gives you full control over the Blogger’s personality. You can set the style and tone, create a unique personality, and even give it a sample article to use as a reference for style.

  • Create unique writer personalities that create 100% original content.
  • Write in any voice: academic, humorous, explanatory, friendly, empathic. You choose!
  • Blogi AI makes every article a unique work that appeals to your exact demographic.

Automatically Creates Images & Infographics For Your Articles

This feature is more important than you might think at the first look, because creating images for your posts can be a daunting errand. Every blog article deserves a good graphic. Blogi AI creates graphics and infographics for your article using the latest and most powerful image AIs.

  • AI rates and evaluates your article to create perfect image generation prompts.
  • Automatically creates high-quality images using the best graphics AI.
  • Posts your articles with perfect content, SEO and images.
Blogi Review: Images

Go Manual If You Want

If you feel like you need more control, Blogi AI lets you go full manual and use it as an intelligent writing assistant.

You can generate your articles using Blogi, rewrite existing content, create images, edit content, expand or re-write paragraphs and change any aspect of the article before posting it.

It’s not my most wanted feature, because I’m already using NeuraRephraser for that. But it could fit your needs easily, you just have to give it a go.

Automatically Follow Any Website & Get Their Latest Articles For Your Blogs

Well, honestly, this one is my favorite and worth much more than the requested $24. My opinion, of course.

Imagine finding a website that posts quality posts about the topic you want to engage in. Now, imagine the option of creating an engaging new article from their own whenever they post something. Would that serve your purpose to build auto growing niche sites? Of course it would.

Blogi AI Writer can follow any website or publisher to find the latest topics and content. It can then write original articles based on the hot topics to give you a blog that always remains trending, improving your chances of getting discovered on Google dramatically.

  • Choose any website and follow it to get its freshest content ideas.
  • Write original articles based on the new topics and post them automatically to your blog.
  • Lets you follow multiple websites for a hot and trending blog.
Blogi Review - Fresh ideas by following sites
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Blogi Demo

This Blogi review would not be complete without a short demo video, I think. So here it is, and you can always watch the more detailed demos on the actual salespage by clicking the button above.

Blogi Review – Main Offer and Blogi Upgrades

Blogi autorewriter comes with an FE offer, which is an absolute bargain, and some upgrades. You can decide which ones you need, or, after checking everything, check also the Blogi Bundle Offer which includes everything at a very discounted price (50% at this time).

Blogi FE ($19 – $29)

Blogi Basic & Advanced can connect to your blogs, write your blogs and auto-post them with access to 5 different AI engines. It lets you connect to up to 5 blogs and includes a Personal use license.

OTO 1: Blogi Publisher ($97)

Blogi Publisher version is meant for professional bloggers and marketers who want to autoblog at scale and create more auto growing niche sites. It gives you access to additional 9 different AI engines and connects with up to 20 Blogs. It includes a Commercial use license.

A very much recommended upgrade if you wish to build auto growing niche sites on a little bit larger scale, which of course is the target.

OTO 2: Blogi Reseller ($147)

Blogi Reseller gives its buyers the right to resell Blogi licenses and give access to their customers while pocketing all the profits. There are 70 licenses per reseller purchase available.

I’ve taken it, because I plan to sell some licenses and use others as bonuses for upcoming promotions. Up to you though.

OTO 3: Converti ($67)

Converti is a separate SAAS system that helps marketers and ecommerce sellers get more leads, make more sales and grab better conversions from any landing page or blog. It complements niche blog sites very well.

A very good option to increase the visitor’s engagement by displaying various notifications on a website. Recommended. I am personally using Marketer’s Boost, so I did not take this one.

IMPORTANT: Unless you decide to go for the Bundle Deal (great option!), DO NOT BUY THIS UPGRADE. You will get a full Agency Access to Marketer’s Boost ($127 value, check the salespage HERE) from me as a bonus if you buy Blogi through my link.

OTO 4: DFY Auto Blogs ($147 + $47/Yr)

TeknikForce offers this upgrade as a Done for you service where they set up everything for you. It includes Hosting, Domain and full Blog setup, using Blogi as the content engine.

Recommended if you have little or no experience with building blog websites.

OTO 5: AI Collective ($67)

AI Collective is the ultimate app for AI in the market that lets its users use over 28 different AIs from one place. I’ve honestly never seen anything like that before. You can chat with and use any AI you want with advanced features like

  • AI Assistants
  • Chat with documents
  • Prompt engine
  • And more

Blogi Bundle Deal

Right now, there’s a Bundle deal available at 50% discount.

Blogi Bundle Deal includes Blogi with all the upgrades available and all the bonuses.

Very much recommended if you’re planning to go wild with your niche sites, creating many blogs and utilizing passive monetization at a scale. Not to mention also the included Reseller license, which gives you 70 licenses to sell at your own terms.

Click the button to learn more about the Blogi Bundle Deal.

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Blogi Review: Conclusion

So… What I tried to show in this short Blogi review is the fact that Blogi by itself is able to make it possible for you to start auto growing niche sites immediately. This process can all be done by hand, of course, with absolutely minimal cache expenses. One the other hand, it would cost you tremendous amounts of time, because auto growing niche sites is not typing 10 hours every day to create the needed content. And it’s definitely not something you would want to even start, unless you really really have nothing better to do, which I seriously doubt.

The point of this Blogi review, besides the stated one, is also to show you teh benefit of creating auto growing niche sites in the first place. Right now, it’s an almost perfect way to establish a source of some additional income through passive advertising. And until Google drastically changes its algorithms, it will remain so. But then, when it happens, the vendors will find a way to make it possible again, so…

My honest recommendation is to go immediately and buy the FE and OTO 1 (Publisher license), because these provide the greatest value in my eyes. And if you find yourself wanting more, don’t hesitate to take the time limited offer and grab the Bundle Deal. It’s worthy, especially taking into account the money-back guarantee, should you decide it’s not for you afterall.

Thank you for reading this Blogi Review.

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