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Jan 18, 2021 | Reviews

BanrAds honest review and bonus
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

BanrAds honest review and bonus

BanrAds Honest Review and Bonus

BanrAds is a SAAS (cloud) app that you can use to create many sorts of graphics, including animated graphics, for your social profiles and pages, websites and marketing. It includes many of the most popular online graphic formats and lots of templates you can use to start quickly. In this short BanrAds review, I’ll try to focus on the most important points of BanrAds.

Who is BanrAds for?

Any kind of marketing you do, whether you’re using social channels like Facebook and Twitter, or you just rin your marketing camppaigns via your existing websites, you need pretty graphics to make your visitors take time to view them. Images are great, but as internet grows, we’ve become sort of indifferent to pretty images. Only the really great ones tend to capture our interest.

Because of this effect, many marketing campaigns that rely solely on images get unnoticed by the audience. Or, at least, do not get the intention we’d like them to. Here, animated images can do a great deal for your marketing efforts, because an animated object captures our attention much more effectively.


What can BanrAds do for you

BanrAds includes a library of the most used formats online today, such as 1200×630 (Facebook post), 300×250 (website sidebar banner) and so on. So you don’t have to think too much, you just have to choose the right format and the basics are done.

Just like this image – believe it or not, it took me 3 minutes to create. It’s not a masterpiece, sure, but imagine the potential…

BanrAds Review

In case you want to build upon the included templates, which are great by the way, it’s even easier – just find the right one and that’s it. Then, you can begin customizing it to your liking and needs. And you can adjust the dimensions later, should you need to.

BanrAds Banner sizes

The most valued functions are somewhat hidden though. For one, you have the option to add animation to any object on the canvas, except for the background. And once you’re done, saving your project in the needed format is a breeze. BanrAds supports export as an image (png), which makes it a great graphics editor per se, animated image (gif), video (mp4), or HTML animation. One of these will surely fit your marketing goals.

Creating a graphic

After you choose the wanted format, for instance for a Facebook post (1200×630 px), you can start designing your image.

You can import images (it’s a bit tricky – read below), input text, and static or animated emojis from the built-in library. It’s all fairly easy, though some things take an extra step here and there.

For one, importing your own image is done a bit strangely. There is no button to upload graphics. Instead, whyt you have to do is choose an included image and after it’s on canvas, select it and then click the button Replace Image. Now you can upload your own graphics that will take place instead of the original one. Of course, the dimensions and ratio will remain, so you’ll have to resize your uploaded image by hand. It’s a bit clumsy and I’d like it much more if there was an Upload button separately somewhere. I hope this gets changed soon.

Other than that, I haven’t seen a problem so far. The imported images look great, you can change many things about them, and of course you can animate them easily.

Playing with animations in BanrAds

Adding an animation to the element in BanrAds is really easy.

First, you have to open the timeline by clicking the arrow button. Then, you select an element you want to animate, and click the + button in the timeline. A new popup opens with all the animations you have at your disposal, and just clicking the one you like is all you need. After adding an animation, you can preview your design by clicking the Play button, and if you don’t like it, just customize it.

Exporting your designs

Exporting your designs, created with BanrAds, is equaly easy.

BanrAds review and demo

After saving your design (it’s mandatory and the app won’t let you export unless you save everything, which is good) you just click the Download button, choose the format you want and voila. After a short “Exporting….” window, you’ll get the Save dialog. And right after saving it you can of course use it as you wish, by uploading it to your profile or website or anything.

Things I liked about BanrAds

The simplicity with which BarnAds works is great. Actually, there are only a few functions that you have to remember and follow the line, and you’ll have your result. I’ve created a few projects today, and none of them took me more than ten minutes. Take into consideration that I’m completely new to BanrAds, as I’ve only bought it yesterday. Once the user gets familiar with the flow, I’m sure you can create just about anything in mre minutes. Provided you have all the needed elements at hand of course, such as images you want to include.


For one, I miss more tutorials. Other than the complete walkthrough video I was not able to find more tutorials. The walkthrough video is ok, but should you need help with a certain project, you can only hope that they have mentioned it in the video, or you must play and discover it. It’s exactly what I had to do with the image uploading mentioned above. Not good, I hope they’ll add more tutorials to the app to make users start faster and more easily.


There’s lots of bonuses available with BanrAds, and this BanrAds review can be no exception. But since there is full info on bonuses on our bonus page, I suggest you take a look HERE and see everything that’s available.

The final verdict

BanrAds is a great tool for what it’s meant to do: create animated graphics for social media and websites. Other than the things mentioned above it does its job easily and quickly, and you can really do a lot with it. I hope this BanrAds review helped you make a more informed decision.

Some care should be taken though. One of the designs I’ve created was the featured image for this post (at the beginning of the post). I really wanted to animate it, so I’ve tried to save it in gif format. It worked, of course, but the file’s size was over 13MB. Much too much of course for any real use, so I’d suggest you take some care of what you want to create. If the banner is too big, it will simply create a file that is too big to be used effectively, and you will be angry without a proper reason. The same will happen if you try to include too many animations. This can also decrease the attention-grabbing effect or even turn it around, as too much is just too much and it usually stops being nice.

Other than that, I recommend you grab BanrAds while it’s priced well. I see huge potential in animated banners, and I intend to use it on our websites immediately.


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