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Master Affiliate Profits - MAP Bonus

What is MAP?

Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) Eco-System is a groundbreaking platform engineered to turn your affiliate marketing journey from a complex endeavor into a straightforward and lucrative venture.

If you join before the timer below expires, you’ll also be eligible for our MAP Bonus that will add some powerful tools to your toolbox and further improve your readiness to succeed as soon as possible (look below).

This revolutionary system is the brainchild of affiliate marketing experts John Thornhill, Omar Martin, and Melinda Martin. With MAP, they’ve pulled together years of digital marketing experience to help you avoid the common stumbling blocks that many marketers encounter. They’ve created a system that not only guides but also empowers affiliates to generate enduring revenue streams.

MAP System is mostly targeted towards beginners, but includes many gems for experienced affiliate marketers also. The one thing that is true without exemption is that you can never know enough about your business. Simply put, learn to earn.

Products you get inside MAP

There are over 50 products inside the MAP system. You, as a MAP Backer, will get access to all of them. Additionally, you will be able to sell them and earn commissions. It’s actually hard to explain in few words, so I really recommend wathing the presentation video in order to comprehend the entire opportunity.

MAP Launch Delayed

The official launch of the MAP System is presently moved a little, most probably to end of July. Whether this will hold or be a bit delayed remains a matter of getting all the technical details in perfect order, which is being tested and prepared during the running Phase 2.

I honestly must say I’ve never seen such a situation. I’ve seen delays, sure, I’ve also caused them more often that I care to remember, and it’s a terrible situation for any marketer. However, these guys (John and Omar) are super honest with all us MAP Backers. They’re sharing all development stages all the time on their weekly live events, and they are determined to launch the product fully operational, with as low problem rate as possible. They’ve located certain problems inside the MAP automation lately, and to make it as good as possible, they’ve decided to create an extra buffer to make it perfect.

As much as I don’t like it (yes, the marketing plan was prepared….), I can honestly fully understand this and support the decision. Like John and Omar, I also want you and me to have a perfect product for our investment. And I believe this is the right way to run a business.

For this reason, I’m thankful for your patience. What you have the chance inside this time block is backing up a great project in development. All this time you and I will have the chance to gather subscribers and customers of our own – which means a better chance of massive commissions.

MAP Bonus

No matter what, my MAP bonus will be ready for you all this time. Additionally, I’ve decided to pump it up a little, so I will keep adding valuable bonuses all the time. You might want to bookmark this page if you’re not sure at this very moment – the bonuses might just be even better.

Disclaimer: No matter what you see down below in my MAP bonus section right now, you will get ALL the bonuses that I prepare until the launch date. So the version of this page live at launch day will show your actual bonuses, even if you join before that. That’s a promise and there’s only one thing that may affect it – the sheer fact that some of the bonuses are limited in availability because of licensing. The best way to not let that happen to you is to join immediately.

Stay aware, please, that the terms of membership will change at launch moment, and the offer active right now (one-time fee and all the traffic bonuses) will disappear from the menu in favor of the monthly membership fee. It is strongly recommended for anyone wishing to really make a break and start a successful affiliate business to check MAP before this deadline to minimize the cost and receive the complete MAP bonus package.

Master Affiliate Profits - MAP Bonus

The MAP Eco-System is more than just an affiliate marketing platform; it’s an all-inclusive environment of training, tools, and products with a singular goal, mission, and ONE LINK for you to promote. Through the MAP training program, users acquire the latest affiliate marketing strategies and earn substantial commissions by promoting just ONE LINK. A link that not only builds their list but also guarantees sales for LIFE because your referrals are permanently linked to you. This signifies that whenever your subscriber makes a purchase, YOU earn.

Remember, achieving success requires effort and dedication. But with the MAP Eco-System, we’re here to support and guide you every step of the way in creating a sustainable income.

More on Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) System

Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) is your pathway to overcoming the numerous challenges that affiliate marketers face in this dynamic digital world. Amidst the ever-changing trends and elusive success, MAP emerges as a beacon of inspiration, enlightenment, and strength for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

Fundamentally, MAP breaks away from the conventional constraints of affiliate marketing training programs. It offers a comprehensive approach that merges education, practical tools, and an encouraging community, all under a single powerful platform.

Get ready to unlock your potential and transform your affiliate marketing future with MAP!

Click the button below and check the free presentation of MAP.

MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

MAP is bringing lots and lots of essential training and invaluable lessons, and it also includes a software package designed to make it easier for you to buid a list  (CONVERToolz). It’s a set of template-based Opt-In pages that include everything needed to build a list, including the lead magnet and delivery page. It even allows users to promote their own links on download pages.

What MAP does not include, and for a reason (pricing….), are tools that can make you more productive and therefore less dependent on freelancers and your own proficiency when it comes to marketing and promoting your products. We’re solving this by giving you access to not one, but 3 apps that will make your affiliate journey easier, as a bonus for taking action and becoming a MAP backer before May 16th.

Additionally, we’ll throw in some products that you can use to further deepen your knowledge on affiliate marketing, as well as some assets to make your marketing journey easier.

Master Affiliate Profits - MAP Bonus


These bonuses will expire when the timer hits zero.








Premium SAAS Apps, designed to help users where it’s most important: Marketing and Selling their own or affiliate products more effectively.

MAP Bonus #1: AI Sellers

AI Sellers is an app that will do all your affiliate tasks for you. It will create articles, reviews, posts, videos, leadpages, sites and more from the source you provide.

All you have to do is supply some information, decide on what you need, and voila – you have your affiliate promotion material ready.

It will also create a complete review video for you when you provide the product link – it can be an Amazon product or anything.

With this MAP bonus you will be able to create promotional materials fast and be ready to sell anything within minutes instead of hours. 

Value: $297/y

Master Affiliate Profits Bonus - AI Sellers

MAP Bonus #2: Content Gorilla

Blogging is one of the main sources of free traffic to your offers. Creating content takes lots of time, but with this MAP Bonus you will be able to create content in no time.

Converting videos to written content: Select a video of your liking and convert it into blog or article content in just one click.

Bulk blog articles creation: No more spending time and money on something which can be done in minutes.

Content Calendar: Keep track of all your upcoming & previously posted blog & social media content. Schedule your posts in advance to stay ahead of the competition.

Value: $299/y

Master Affiliate Profits Bonus - Content Gorilla

MAP Bonus #3: Marketer’s Boost

Marketers Boost gives you access to an innovative social-proof platform that turns your websites, landing pages and online stores into profit-pulling machines.

Utilise a secret simple code to multiply your commissions and visitor’s engagement on any website. Works on any website where you can add a simple code to the header.

Take the hope and guesswork out of your marketing endevours.

When you combine the power of F.O.M.O with this little ‘Snippet Of Code’ we’ll give you today, the results for your business (and bank account) are explosive! No matter what we may want to believe, we all come in the world looking for a place to belong and validate our decisions. True for making online purchases too.

Hint: You can see it at work right here on this page.

Value: $127

Master Affiliate Profits Bonus - Marketers Boost


These bonuses will expire when the timer hits zero.








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Additional MAP Bonuses

Trainings, courses and additional learning materials to master the affiliate marketing business.

How to create an effective Q1 plan


How To Create an Effective Q1 Plan in 8 Easy Steps

An effective quarterly plan is essential for your business to grow and react to market changes in Q1. Download this workbook to learn the 8 neccessary steps to have your future secured.

You will learn

  • What you need for your plans to finally work for you
  • How to define your goals and targets
  • How to identify the most important key indicators
  • How to establish the timeline
  • How to implement and monitor your quarterly plans
  • And more…
Crossover niches that are easy to market


52 Niches With a Good Crossover Potential

There is another factor that is often overlooked when marketers choose a niche to promote which can explode your earnings significantly. This is known as the crossover potential that a niche has. Instead of solely promoting and teaching that one niche topic, you want to select a niche that allows you to expand beyond those strict parameters and pull in opportunities from other niches that are related in some manner.

This MAP bonus report will give you an overlook of 52 niches with a good crossover potential, which will enable you to choose a niche that can be additionaly monetized. 

Social Media Marketing Goals


Social Media Marketing Goals Course

This course is about creating a professional social media marketing calendar so that you can be more productive in your overall social media marketing management, whether you’re doing that for your own company or you’re doing that as a freelancer or as an agency for your clients. Once you have a calendar, it helps you because you have a process, a system.

This is a full video course that will teach you how to do your social media marketing more effectively. 

TikTok Marketing


TikTok Marketing Guide

The TikTok social media platform has seen explosive growth over the last few years.

It now has millions of users that are desperate for fun and exciting content and this is a massive opportunity for you to promote your business.

To be successful with TikTok marketing you need to know how the platform works and how the users interact with each other.

It’s important to use marketing in your affiliate business, and TikTok is one of the channels where you can get lots of free traffic – if you use the patform the right way.


These bonuses will expire when the timer hits zero.








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How to claim the MAP bonus @ VPLSoft

Please Note: Bonuses #1-#3 (SAAS Apps) are only valid if you purchase MAP Platinum Membership (MAP Backer).

When you get to the MAP checkout page, make sure it says “Reffered by daretb” under the checkout button.

Upon checkout completion, I will be notified of your purchase via the MAP system itself – this is one of the goodies you will also have at your disposal when joining MAP and another reason to join asap :). I will contact you via your buying email and send you the link to the instruction page where you will download and/or apply for bonuses. This page will be protected with a password that only you will receive and will be time limited, so we have everything in order.

Please note that I will prepare your access data for where it is needed within 72 hours after your purchase. This is due to the licensing process that will have to be done manually. All other bonuses that are downloadable should be ready on the delivery page.

SAAS bonuses (listed in section #1) are a subject of availability of licenses and are limited in quantity, therefore the sooner you join, the better. If you see them listed, they should be available, unless there is a sudden rush of customers beyond our control, in which case I will make sure we replace the bonuses with equally high quality ones.

Thank you!

VPLSoft MAP Bonus

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