Aweber Free Plan – Aweber Introduced a Free Plan For Email Marketers

Sep 29, 2020 | Reviews | 1 comment

Aweber Free Plan
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits
MAP - Master Affiliate Profits

Aweber Free Plan

Aweber, one of the “big boys” among autoresponder, recently put a free plan into their portfolio.

This plan lets you try email marketing without costs, and you can apply in minutes.

Aweber Free Plan

Aweber Pricing

Pricing is for sure one of the deciding factors when we’re starting out the email marketing work. As you will learn later in your marketer’s career, it’s by far not the only one, and not even the most important one, but at the start it surely is. That was one of the reasons Aweber was never really a beginner’s choice, since Aweber pricing started at $19 per month, and that’s for just 500 subscribers.

When I first looked at it some years ago, it seemed just out of the planet. Imagine, $19 every month, and that for measly 500 subscribers?!? I was sure I’ll fill these within a week – I’m the best out there, right?

Well, it did not turn out that way, unfortunately. I soon learned that getting people to sign up and later keep them on my list was quite a job. Not easy, especially when you’re sure you know everything. After lots of money spent on marketing campaigns that mostly failed (miserably…), I managed to buil a list of 250 subscribers. Following all kinds of advice and trainings, I kept mailing, and the results slowly started to come in. I’m still not a millionaire, if that’s what you wanted to know. Far from it. But it’s getting better all the time.

Email Marketing: Money Is In The List

Doing email marketing is the best way you can do affiliate marketing. You know, when people pay you a certain percentage to market their products. One can make a lot of money this way, and email marketing is at the heart of it.

One thing you must know is that for every dollar you spend on getting subscribers to your lists, there’s a $38 return, according to the stats. That’s awesome, isn’t it? And for email marketing to run, you’ll first need an autoresponder – a software that will keep your lists and let you mail them.

Here, Aweber remains one of my favourites. With all the automation they offer, you can even go too far and overcomplicate things. Nevertheless, the costs remain – starting at $19 for 500 subscribers, and all the way to $149 for 10,000 subscribers. After that, it’s a matter of a special offer. Oh, and these are monthly costs, by the way.

Knowing that each subscriber is worth a dollar per month (stats, again), these costs don’t look too bad, right? But what if you’re just starting?


If you’re just starting your email marketing career, you might want to start slow. What I mean is keep your costs down as much as possible.

And here, Aweber free plan comes really handy. It will allow you to have up to 500 subscribers, and with some additional limitations (like automations, one list, etc) it will further limit your imagination, but let’s be honest. When you’re starting up, you have no idea what these might mean. So you won’t really miss them in the first month or so. And that’s the beauty of it, because you can focus on other aspects and work to be done, rather than worrying about the costs accumulating.

Aweber free plan is a great way to learn email marketing, without the costs.

I suggest you take a look and grab this opportunity. You can cancel any time, and you can also upgrade to a paid service anytime. So the moment you see that you need more, Aweber can give it to you after a few clicks.

May the emailing force be strong with you.

Aweber Free Plan


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